Your child’s needs will be thoroughly considered before developing a treatment plan. We’ll start with an intake appointment and, of course, some paperwork. We also recommend an assessment before starting therapy.

1. Call for an intake appointment
If you have concerns about your child’s development call our office at (712) 308-8233. We’ll review client history including any prior evaluations and treatments and help you decide whether an evaluation is appropriate, and which types of assessments will best meet your child’s needs.

2. Evaluating Your Child’s Needs
Following the initial intake, we may recommend one or more of the following assessments based on individual client needs:
– Speech and Language Assessment
– Psychological Consultation/Assessment
– Multidisciplinary Assessment

3. Comprehensive Therapy Plan
Therapies may be individual and/or groups. Frequency and duration of treatment is determined based on individual client needs.
Parent participation is an essential part of the therapy process. Our therapists provide ample parent consultation time as part of each session and work with parents and educators to incorporate therapeutic interventions into all aspects of the client’s life.

What To Expect?